School of Rock the Musical is based on the hit 2003 film, School of Rock. Dewey finds romance, self-worth, a proper job, and, most importantly, he teaches the children and their parents the beauty of rock! Rated PG for some language.

July 10 – 27
8 pm Wednesdays through Sundays

Moonlight Amphitheatre
Brengle Terrace Park
1250 Vale Terrace Dr., Vista

more info

San Diego County Opens Cool Zone Sites
as Warmer Weather Approaches

“In addition to the Cool Zone sites, the county and San Diego Gas & Electric can provide free electric fans to eligible older or disabled people living on limited incomes countywide.”

Elizabeth Ireland


Cool Zones

McClellan Senior Center
Vista Library

City of Vista

The Carlsbad Strawberry Crawl continues on through July 31. Details at North County Pipeline.

Activities for Kids
City of Vista

Summer Camps for Kids

Clay N’ Latte
20 Main St.

Vista’s Best Summer Camp
5 Full Weeks 9:30am-4pm Weekdays
Swimming, Games, Arts & Crafts, Fun & Fitness
35 Main St.

Boys & Girls Club of Vista
Summer Camp 2024
Send a Kid to Summer Camp!

More info at The Grapevine

City of Vista

Summer Day Camp 2024
through August 9, 2024
Weekdays 7 am–6 pm
Preschool through Grade 8
Counselor in Training – Grades 9-11
Jim Porter Recreation Center
Brengle Terrace Park

Includes breakfast, lunch, an afternoon snack, weekly guest entertainers.

Activities for various ages may include…

Science Adventures, a BMX Bike Show, Magicians, a Bubble Show, Love on a Leash therapy dogs, Animal Ambassadors, a dance party with a live DJ, songs, crafts, creating masterpieces, learning new games.

Basketball, soccer, tennis, water games, kickball, golf, obstacle course, baseball, hiking, volleyball, field hockey.

Splash Camps
Wave WaterPark
weekly sessions through August 9

2024 Splash Camp
8am-2pm – $195 – 7 to 15 years old

Counselor in Training (CIT)
8am-2pm – $195 – 12 to 15 years old

i9 Sports Camps in City of Vista parks this summer

Summer Camp for ages 7-17
hosted by Moonlight Youth Theatre
$300 per week
7/8-12 7/15-19 7/22-26 7/29-8/2
weekdays 8:40 or 9am – 3pm
student musical numbers for friends/family
alternating theme each week —
Jukebox Musicals or Disney Heroes & Villains

Musical Theatre Camp
at The Star Theatre in Oceanside
7/8 – 7/19 Weekdays 9am – Noon
Willy Wonka Kids
Ages 7-12 $395

Theatre Tech Camp
at Sunshine Brooks Theater in Oceanside
7/1 – 7/12 (except 7/4)
Weekdays 9am – Noon $230
Footloose the Musical

Summer Art Camp
at Oceanside Museum of Art
6/24 – 6/28 weekdays $380
8:30 or 9am – 3pm

Vista’s Broadway Theater
Summer Drama Camps
All camps full in 2024.

Living with Lizards

“The Western fence lizard is the most common reptile in Malibu. It is quite happy to take advantage of garden features like rocks and fences. Those fantastically long toes and claws on the hind feet enable the fence lizard to almost effortlessly climb vertical surfaces like tree trunks.

Fence lizards are beneficial garden residents. They feast on creatures humans regard as pests, including mosquitos, ticks, scorpions, centipedes, beetles and spiders. Fence lizards are, in turn, a key food source for everything from hawks and roadrunners, to gopher snakes and larger lizards.”

The Malibu Post

The coloring of the fence lizard looks similar to that of lizards crawling around here in Vista during springtime.

Unfortunately, when lizards accidentally get poisoned… that can also kill those animals in the food chain that eat lizards… contaminating the balance of nature.

More Parking Spaces on Main Street?

Vista City Council is considering adding additional parking to Main Street and E. Broadway and making parts of them one-way streets. That’s most of Main Street and the road in front of the Broadway Theater on E. Broadway. 70 additional parking places might be added.

So, this sounds pretty great, right? Ever since the big dirt parking lot was replaced with the Rylan apartments and businesses, Main Street has needed more parking. When Main Street was busy, there were up to 2 full rows a block long of cars parked in that dirt lot.

Of course, the devil is in the details. Remember… did it take like a year or something to finish the road on Santa Fe? How did that impact the businesses there? Was nobody even out there working a lot of that time? Did that put any small businesses there under?

In this video, it looks like an engineer is pointing at blocking all of Main Street at Citrus. But, does he actually mean just blocking off half of the street there? And… how many of those 70 new parking spaces will Main Street be getting?

Is there some software program that will allow the engineer to draw his vision of Main Street parking? It would be easier to know if this is something everybody really wants if we can see it first. Would it look something like the parking on Coast Hwy in Encinitas?

The City of Vista is requesting community feedback on this proposed plan. Click on City Council members at the City of Vista website. Email address for each member is at the bottom of each member’s page.

We tried to park in one of the newer lots off of Main Street one evening. There was only one space available and we couldn’t get into it. Then, we had a difficult time getting out of the lot. It felt dangerous since we had to back up onto the street.

These parking spaces would be MUCH easier to get into if they were slanted. And, could an exit be added to these parking lots? Currently, there is only one entrance to get in or out. And it would be helpful for the security of women and children if parking spaces are not too narrow.

Just wondering…
The end of the athletic field near Main Street always seems to be empty. Maybe the side of that field nearest Main Street could be converted to a couple of rows of parking? 2 rows parallel to Citrus?

What is the future of the historic
AVO Theatre
in Downtown Vista?
The Vista Press

Just prior to the building of the Rylan, the Broadway Theater and the Chamber of Commerce moved off of Main Street. Then a large parking lot was built across the street from the Broadway Theater. But, even that large parking lot is completely filled up on busy evenings.

Some businesses in Vista Village appear to be coping with the lack of parking by staggering their open hours. Some open very early and close by mid afternoon. Others open late morning and close after dark.

If the population is shrinking and there is more housing available… why aren’t home prices going down?

Between January 2020 and January 2023
did the population of California
decrease by 709,000
while the number of housing units
increased by 378,000?

Are large corporations buying up homes and bidding up prices? Are they outbidding potential residents? Does that explain the increase in home prices? So, will building more homes actually even make a dent in home prices?

Did the Federal Reserve give rich entities low interest money? Was this money used to buy up assets like homes? Can the average would-be homeowner compete in that kind of a rigged market?

Yes, BlackRock’s Home-Buying Spree
Should Concern You

Is SANDAG requiring the City of Vista to add 4,465 housing units by 2040? (see APPENDIX A of the RICK report)

Where is this need for housing expected to come from? Isn’t fertility declining? Why do we have to build all these new homes? And give up our rural spaces? Or congest our prime Main Street area with traffic and parking? Who voted for that?

Sperm counts worldwide have plunged 62%
in under 50 years, Israeli-led study finds

Yet Another Study Links Lower Sperm Count with Pesticides

Birth rates drop in California, San Diego
over the last decade


Demographic WINTER

Are we being herded into smart cities for the purpose of surveilling and controlling us via SMART Technology?

Film by Stop World Control

Rebuilding California Cities

15 Minute Cities

This super bloom is pretty dangerous
Invasive mustard is fuel for the next fire
Los Angeles Times

Non-Native Grasses and Weeds

“The numbers explain why brush fires slowly spread in comparison to grass/weed fires. Grass/weed fires can kill you. Look at it this way (and there are no absolutes in nature): when a field is in annual grass and mustard, and the ignition time per plant is almost instantaneous, you’ll get what appears to be area ignition.

On the Las Pilitas fire we had an area by Santa Margarita Lake where the fire moved through miles of grass in a few minutes. You can’t outrun something that basically blows up.

Las Pilitas Nursery

Can we get rid of grasses/weeds permanently by weeding them or weedwacking them before they go to seed? Can we keep weed seeds from sprouting by spreading organic pre-emergent on the ground at just the right time?

Weeding worked for me after the “master” gardener for our HOA spread mulch around my house one year. It took several years of me weeding in springtime to get rid of the forest of weeds that sprouted from that mulch. I think it may have been mulch from the dump.

Information on pesticides.

Why California’s palm trees ‘explode into a giant torch’ each year

“If homeowners let years of dead palm fronds hang, this can be hazardous in wind and fire conditions. Homeowners are required to have these dead fronds removed, as is true for any dead branch or material on any type of tree or shrub.”

Nicholas Prange
Los Angeles Fire Department


Some years ago, our HOA removed palms from its slopes. That means we no longer need to pay each year for pruning dead fronds off of very tall palms. The HOA was advised to do this for fire safety by a California Natives Landscape Designer.

Iconic Palms Add to Fire Danger in Southern California

As fires burn across Southern California, researchers examine what role nonnative vegetation plays.

“The most severe burns were where we see palms, and the least severe were in the [native] chaparral areas.”

Alicia Kinoshita
Civil Engineer and Hydrologist
San Diego State University

Science News by AGU
American Geophysical Union

Check out this under-the-radar wildflower spot
while you still can
Los Angeles Times

California’s desert bloom comes alive
on nature’s schedule

In Test, Google Removing California News Websites from Search as
Lawmakers Eye ‘Link Tax’

Juveniles Who Have Been Arrested Report High Levels of Vaping, Use of Illicit Substances

“The results in this report are concerning because we continue to see high levels of substance use among juvenile arrestees. While the efforts to help youth avoid entering the justice system are positive, we need to continue to address the underlying risk factors related to substance use among youth.”

Octavio Rodriguez
SANDAG Principal Criminal Justice Researcher


New Study Reveals How
Tobacco Companies Systematically Advertise
Cigarettes to Kids

Near Schools and Playgrounds around the World

Homelessness has ‘exploded’ in this California city,
making it the ‘land of milk and fentanyl,’ activist says
New York Post

5 Places to Eat in Vista
San Diego Magazine

Does Vista have the most breweries per capita compared to any other United States city? Did another brewery just open on the ground floor of the subsidized housing project at Paseo Artist Village?

Vista looks at cannabis event regulations

The City Council directs city staff
to develop regulations for allowing
cannabis-related events on private property

North County Pipeline

Related at North County Daily Star

Is Vista City Council considering events on private property? But, do these businesses really want cannabis festivals on city property? Like say… maybe a future festival on Main Street? With lots of visitors from out of town attending?

“We currently have Meading in the Garden
in Alta Vista Gardens
and we also have a
Rhythm and Brews festival
for all of our breweries.
I see this as something similar to that.”

Joe Green
Vista City Council Member

The San Diego Union-Tribune
May 1, 2023

Related at The Coast News

The Thank-You Project
Cultivating Happiness
One Letter of Gratitude at a Time

by Nancy Davis Kho, 2019

Goodreads has a list of book sellers & libraries that may carry this book… and it also may be available on eBay.

New law allows the sale of ADUs
North County Pipeline

Proteus Homes Projects Expanding Out of State


CDC Announces Deadly New
‘Electionyearicron’ Covid Variant
Babylon Bee

Related at OffGuardian

Dr. Scott Atlas
The Biden Administration continues to
appoint people who were wrong on COVID-19

Were some government officials the chief purveyors of disinformation and misinformation during the pandemic? But, California’s medical gag law doesn’t target these disinformation spreaders, does it? Does it actually target independent doctors who tell the truth… and say things that don’t conform to media narratives?


When there are no consequences for government lying or incompetence… will it just happen over and over and over again?

mistakes were made
assessing what “leaders” claim to have “learned”
and what they should have known all along

Destroying the Narrative
40 Reasons Why a COVID-19 Pandemic
Never Existed

Part 1       Part 2


Forget About Covid, They Say

“One way is to do what the memo from the consultants of the Democratic National Committee suggested:
declare the war won and move on.
For political reasons.


What? It’s POLITICS?

The CDC Discovers Actual Public Health, Just in Time

“No one should be satisfied with a politically motivated change in the messaging. We need fundamental regime change to make sure that nothing like this can ever happen again.


Putin Receives Nobel Prize In Medicine For Ending COVID Pandemic
Babylon Bee

Mistakes Were NOT Made
An Anthem for Justice

This Anthem for Justice is my attempt to succinctly chronicle the calculated intentionality underlying the COVID tyranny, and I ask your help in spreading the clear message that #MistakesWereNOTMade. Please share this poem and keep it handy for the next time anybody uses verbiage to gloss over the atrocities committed.

Let’s make 2023 the Year of Accountability
so none dare repeat such acts in the future.

Margaret Anna Alice Through the Looking Glass

Remember All Those Government COVID Policies?
Turns Out They Were Useless

Is this article a perfect example of media whitewashing that attempts to rebrand COVID tyranny as “mistakes”? Are we getting wise to media and political tricks yet?

Predicting the CBDC Rollout
James Corbett on Reality Check Radio
The Corbett Report

How do globalist predators intend to implement their tyranny? Maybe…
(1) Digital ID (alias Health Pass)
(2) CBDC rollout (alias Digital Cash)
(3) WW3

How evil is Digital Cash? Sounds pretty harmless, doesn’t it? Are the financial predators ready to rock and roll on Digital Cash?

But, they still need to get us to go along with it. Will the people of our world zombie walk into this slavery?