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Hourly weather in Vista
California Weather Radar

National Weather Service
Weather in Vista


North County Transit District

Vista Transit Center
240 N. Santa Fe Rd. – near Main St.

Sprinter light-rail train, Breeze bus,
rest rooms, and vending machines

The Sprinter schedule shows…
        15 minutes to Palomar College
        20 minutes to CSU San Marcos
        30 minutes to the beach

Sprinter Schedule
System Map 10/2022
Coaster Schedule
Breeze Transit Centers
Student Bus & Train Fares

The Sprinter connects Oceanside, Vista, San Marcos and Escondido.

City of Vista

Access Vista Mobile App to report graffiti, etc.
Videos of Vista City Council Meetings
City Council Agendas & Reports

Emergency Preparedness
Storm Information & Resources
Addressing Homelessness
Resources for Residents

You’re Invited to Help Plan
Two Future City of Vista Parks!

Community Engagement


Golden Gate Weather Services

24 hour Rain Totals California
Plus Nevada and Southern Oregon
San Diego Weather Center


EDCO Recycling Guide

City of Vista

Cans, plastic, paper, cartons, cardboard, and glass
Large sheets of packing foam

“Recycle virtually all clean and dry paper” — EDCO

Pizza boxes aren’t clean and dry paper.  So,  apparently EDCO doesn’t want pizza boxes in the recycles bin.

Foam nuggets, styrofoam peanuts

Plastic bags… The grocery stores around here aren’t taking them any more for recycling. Even bags that hold other recycled items are not wanted in the recycle bins.

Hazardous Waste

City of Vista Hazardous Waste Site   Free to Vista residents… limited hours   1-877-R-1-EARTH   motor oil containers & filters, auto fluids, cleaners, fertilizers, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, chemicals, paints and solvents, electronics

E-Waste   computers, televisions, VCRs, etc.
Goodwill takes donations of  electronic items
Maximum Recycling   430 Olive Ave. in Vista

PaintCare   There are over 50 locations in San Diego County where residents and businesses can take old unwanted paint, stain, and varnish all year-round.   Most PaintCare sites are paint stores with regular business hours and accept at least 5 gallons per visit.

For tips on using up leftover paint call (855) 724-6809.

Household items

Amvets 877-990-8387 DAV Oceanside

Fire Maps & Prevention

Fire Activity Map
University of California

3/1/2024 Unfortunately, this map is no longer coming up for me on my desktop monitor. Does it work on smart phones? I don’t know.

Click OK on the NAPSG popup to see map.
Click on icon at each fire for details. If acres burned is .01 then it’s probably a nothing-burger.

WFCA Fire Map
Western Fire Chiefs

City of Vista News

“With the prediction of high temperatures comes warnings about high fire danger. Power tools, including lawnmowers, are not recommended in hot weather to avoid sparks that ignite grass and brush fires.

Maintain defensible fire space around homes by removing dead leaves, debris, and other flammable items that an ember can ignite.

If you do choose to cut away and remove dead and dying plants near your homes or structures, use hand tools only.

Be particularly careful with smoking materials to avoid accidentally starting a fire.

Never pull your vehicle over in the grass; it can ignite a fire. Please ensure your vehicle is well maintained, as faulty catalytic converters have been a major cause of accidental fires in San Diego County.

If you have a trailer on your vehicle, ensure the chains don’t drag on the ground while driving and spark a fire.”

The Vista Press

“Everyone needs to remember that ALL fireworks are illegal in San Diego County, and for good reason. Considering the dry grass and brush in and around Escondido, anyone thinking about buying and using illegal fireworks needs to understand that negligently causing a fire can result in criminal and financial consequences.” (emphasis added)

Rick Vogt, Escondido Fire Chief
North County Daily Star

Is now a good time to pull out mustard weed and grasses?

California Natives

Gloria McClellan Senior Center
Next to Brengle Terrace Park
1400 Vale Terrace Drive, Vista

First Friday of each month…

Vista Garden Club
back building at the Senior Center
visitors welcome

California native plants attract and support butterflies, birds, and hummingbirds… and evolved with water only from Mother Nature.

“A well designed hillside garden planted in native plants has no measurable erosion.”
Las Pilitas

California Native Plant Society

Theodore Payne Foundation

Tree of Life Nursery
33201 Ortega Highway, San Juan Capistrano

Daily 9 am – 3:30 pm
Closed Sundays

A visit to Tree of Life is a fun outing. The scenery on the way there is delicious. As I recall, it takes around 45 minutes or so from Vista. Maybe an hour with traffic.

Their selection of plants has always been pretty and enticing. It always makes ME want ot get lots of plants, bulbs, seeds, pots, etc. If you haven’t been there, it’s definitely a great adventure. Oh… and they have natives experts working there. So, you can usually get great advice from professionals.

Moosa Creek Nursery
California Native Plants
Wholesale in Valley Center

Fax: 760-751-0548
Retail Availability Price List

California Natives expert Greg Rubin recommended that I buy the 1 gallon size. Natives apparently get established better if they are planted when they are smaller.

When planting, it’s important to drench the hole and the plant with water to eliminate air pockets.

Retail nurseries affiliated with
Moosa Creek Nursery

Retail Nurseries by Zip Code

Each of the following retail nurseries has its own California Native plants for sale. If you want something specific, you can order from Moosa Creek. Moosa Creek delivers orders to its affiliated nurseries each week.

Green Thumb Nursery
1019 W San Marcos Blvd., San Marcos
Daily 8 am – 5 pm
Sundays 9 am – 5 pm

Anderson’s La Costa Nursery
400 La Costa Ave., Encinitas
Daily 8:30 am – 5 pm

Cordova Gardens
902 Encinitas Blvd., Encinitas
Daily 8:30 am – 5 pm
Sundays 10 am – 4 pm

California Native Plant Communities by Zip Code

Calscape : Enter a California address or click the map to see plants native to that location

California’s Own – Native Landscape Design Inc.

Leaf burn times of California native plants

“Non-Native Grasses and Weeds
The numbers explain why brush fires slowly spread in comparison to grass/weed fires.”

Las Pilitas Nursery

Native plant roots: what goes on below the surface

Click links below for current inventory, price, and info for native plants for sale at  Plants can be ordered online and delivered by mail.

Buckwheat bushes

California Buckwheat
Santa Cruz Island Buckwheat
San Miguel Island Buckwheat
St. Catherine’s Lace
Interior California Buckwheat

Ceanothis Bushes/Trees (Lilac)

Ceanothus Ray Hartman
Ceanothus Julia Phelps
San Diego Mtn. Lilac

Hardy Bushes

Hayes iva
Sugar Bush


Del Mar Manzanita
Sunset Manzanita
Please note that the Sunset requires a little more water than we get annually here in Vista. It doesn’t seem to mind being in a garden with automatic sprinklers. But, it will grow big and probably not last as long if it gets regular weekly watering.

Sagebrush / Artemisia

California sagebrush
Artemisia Canyon Grey
White Sagebrush


Island Mountain Mahogany
Palo Verde
Laurel Sumac California Juniper

Monarch Butterfly Habitat

California Monarch Milkweed
Note: this plant may not look great year round… so best to plant in a part of the yard where it won’t be seen… and not disturbed.


Bush Poppy
Southern Monkey Flower
Narrow Leaf Southern Monkey Flower
Coast Sunflower
Incienso and Brittlebush
Apache Plume
Giant Gum Plant
Creosote Bush and Chaparral
Yellow Bush Snapdragon
Wallaces Pitcher Plant
Silver Bush Lupine
Desert bitterbrush
Butterfly Mint Bush
California Corethrogyne
Yellow Gooseberry
White flowering currant
Catalina Perfume
Brandegees Sage
Desert Sage
San Diego Sage
Blue-Eyed Grass
Red California Fuchsia

“Long term studies have shown a well designed hillside garden planted in native plants has no measurable erosion.”

” reduce the planting density to about 30-40% cover… ” (to be firewise)

Las Pilitas Nursery

  • Book review
    The Drought-Defying California Garden
    by Greg Rubin and Lucy Warren

“Instead of mixing California natives with plants from elsewhere, they recommend setting aside areas in your garden dedicated exclusively to California natives… California native plants come from harsh environments, and their primary mode of survival is to live in cooperative plant communities.”

Review by Succulents and More

“Natives are unparalleled at stabilizing slopes (you don’t often hear of landslides in the chaparral).  They love the perfect drainage, and many are large enough to just sprawl down over large areas.  The shredded redwood bark that we use can stick to grades as steep as 1.5:1”

Greg Rubin

  • plant spacing
    • “In nature, you will observe areas that are sparsely vegetated.  In the garden, this allows plants to grow to mature size and be admired individually.   Bare places between plants reduces competition for moisture and minimizes pruning requirements.   Birds and lizards use bare ground for hunting and foraging.”

      Anstine-Audubon Nature Preserve         video
      11.6-acre wildlife sanctuary and native plant garden
      Binoculars available for birders of all ages to borrow.

      Free Saturdays 9am – Noon

      Closed July through October
      Also closed during rain, extreme fire danger or heat, or other uncontrollable conditions.
      See Anstine Facebook page for updates.

      Registration recommended. (858) 273-7800

      2437 Hutchison Street — near Rancho Guajome Adobe

      Reporting Plane Noise & Pollution

      Having trouble sleeping?
      Loud overhead planes can be reported to
      Federal Aviation Administration
      Noise Complaints & Inquiries

      Brace for Impact
      Unveiling the Truth Behind Our Skies
      & SOS Swarm Webinar Tonight!
      Reinette Senum’s Foghorn Express

      Seth’s video interview of Reinette reveals what’s going on outside. Reinette suggests various legal action that we can take to stop this pollution. We are needed now to save life on earth!

      Amazing video interview, Reinette.

      Save Our Skies

      “Does that look normal to you?”

      A SIMPLE Action to Take
      About the MILKY SKIES
      The Healthy American, Peggy Hall
      Living in San Clemente

      Links are provided in the above article to two places where complaints can be filed in California… California EPA and California Air Resource Board

      How to Explain this is NOT Normal…
      The “ConTrail” CON is Off the Charts!

      Geez… It was grand central station overhead in the skies above downtown Vista today.

      So, the week leading up to the Ukraine war… all was quiet overhead. It was almost eerie. So, that’s what made me think it’s not passenger jets or a flight path overhead. If it really is geo-engineering… think of all the plane fuel used in flying overhead constantly every day. Meanwhile, they’re trying to ban gas stoves and gas hookups in new construction.

      I had a friend say that…. well, we want the rain. So, it’s OK with her. So, is it actually OK? A year ago, the area around my house sounded like an aviary in the morning. It was almost annoying. Now… nada? Although, recently I heard a bird or two chirping in the am. The bushes used to be covered with bees. Now… maybe a dozen total around my house on a really nice sunshiny day.

      Who makes the decision to do geo-engineering? It’s not the military? They are just doing what they’ve been told to do by some civilian government entity? Who is that decision maker? Why is there no transparency? Is there minimal scientific discussion of this online?

      The area around my house in downtown Vista has shown a devastating reduction in wildlife over the last year. So, why is that happening? Could it be pesticides sprayed in the area? Also pesticides fed to plants sold to us (neonicotinoids)? I don’t believe that pesticides are fed to plants in the natives nurseries around here.

      Is 5G radio frequency (rf) emanating from all those new street lights? Is rf coming in from all those new StarLink satellites overhead? Does this have to do with the smart meters? Or, is it all of this together… electrical pollution and poisons combining to destroy our environment?

      Reinette says the trees dying in the forest are actually dying from the metals sprayed from the air… barium and such. They had the soil tested where she lives in Northern California to determine the metals content. Are the beetles just coming in to do clean up work on trees that are already dying? Is mainstream news even discussing that?