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The news organizations listed above on this page are all apparently independent media… not owned by hedge funds, media-opolies, or media groups.

“Don’t Go Down The Rabbit Hole!”
NY Times Decries Critical Thinking
Tells Us to Trust Google Instead

Critical thought is not helping to battle disinformation according to the NY Times, we should blindly trust Google instead.

“In short, the New York Times and their ‘expert’ are telling us that instead of investigating the claims of someone that challenges the status quo and our understanding and perception of reality, we should instead avoid them and go directly to the authorities to tell us what to think…

History is overwhelmed by examples that prove this method to be deeply flawed. Galileo Galilei, Martin Luther King Jr, Nelson Mandela, and countless others were attacked by the authorities for challenging the status quo.

In fact, I would argue that this has been a consistent theme throughout history and clearly represents that what the New York Times are encouraging us to do, is the exact opposite of establishing the Truth. No, it’s not a 15 second process, and no, you don’t mindlessly rely on the authorities to give you the Truth…

Unsurprisingly, the New York Times has a well documented history of spreading dangerous propaganda and working with the authorities to uphold the status quo.

The CIA’s infamous Operation Mockingbird, which reportedly began in the late 40’s and continued into the 70’s, included the New York Times.

During the 1990’s, after journalist Gary Webb exposed how the CIA were working with drug traffickers, the New York Times and other establishment media outlets embarked on a campaign of character assassination claiming Webb was lying, when he was actually telling the Truth.

Correspondingly, in 2012 Glen Greenwald wrote an article on the ‘correspondence and collusion’ between the CIA and the New York Times. In 2015, Professor Noam Chomsky wrote of how the news giant helped cover up war crimes for the U.S. government.

Frustrated Establishment Media No Longer Has a Monopoly on Information

Gavin Nascimento


Related video at A New Kind of Human

Find Gavin on;
Facebook     Instagram     Twitter     YouTube     Minds.com

And They Wonder Why
…No One Trusts the Media Anymore
by Thomas Buckley, former mayor of Lake Elsinore
“The Point” Substack

Why Don’t They Believe Us?
Tablet NEWS

Counterinsurgency, PSYOPS and the Military Origins of the Internet

“Founded on the principles of freedom of expression and heralded as a liberating new frontier for humanity, the internet has criminalised free speech, divorced us from our nature and ensnared us under a dragnet of surveillance.”

Dustin Broadbery


Did the CIA, NSA, NASA, and DARPA help fund the creation of Google? Was the creation of Facebook a military program? Did Facebook management include intelligence employees right from the start? Did all of that start as a way to deal with anti-war and civil rights movements?

Did the repeal of the Smith-Mundt Act in 2013 make it legal for the government to conduct PSYOPS against US citizens? Have government PR operations against citizens cost taxpayers billions? Are we being manipulated by the powerful?

Are the terms ‘conspiracy theorists,’ ‘anti-vaxxer’ and ‘right-wing extremist’ part of a psychological war? Did past CIA PSYOPS include COINTELPRO with blackmail, murder, wiretapping, infiltration, and media manipulation?

Has government been waging PSYOPS on those who oppose lockdowns and vaccine mandates? Were BLM riots a way to redirect public outrage against lockdowns?

Why did China become a global leader in tyranny to be emulated with lockdowns around the world? Is the China social credit system being implemented worldwide on the back of the Green Pass… or via CBDC digital currency and ID?

Lifting of US Propaganda Ban
Gives New Meaning to Old Song

In the age of legal, weaponized propaganda
directed against the American people,
false narratives have become so commonplace
in the mainstream media that
they have essentially become normalized,
leading to the era of “fake news” and “alternative facts.”

Whitney Webb, MPN News

In court filing
Facebook admits ‘fact checks’ are nothing more than opinion
Watts Up With That?

Is Facebook fact checker actually attempting to block the truth? Are Facebook, Google, and YouTube censoring honest scientists, doctors, and experts? Is the media a mind-control machine?

These topics and more are considered in this 2020 discussion of…
How Big Pharma and the Mainstream Media
Manipulate Politics and Distort Facts

by James Herer at eClassifie

The federal government paid hundreds of media companies
to advertise the COVID-19 vaccines
while those same outlets
provided positive coverage of the vaccines
Blaze media

Related discussion at The Right Way

“What did Chris Pandolfo find?
He discovered that nearly the entire corporate media took money from the Biden Administration to push the vaccines to their audiences without disclosing it.”

Emerald Robinson

News networks use retired military brass as war analysts
without disclosing their defense-industry ties
The Washington Post

video by Russell Brand
PsyWar documentary by Metanoia Films

How the Pentagon Leaned on Hollywood to Sell the War in Afghanistan
“It is high time that Americans realized that, when watching movies and TV shows about war, all too often they are not seeing neutral works of art, but carefully constructed pieces of national security propaganda.”
Alan Macleod, MPN News

So You Think Military Intervention is a Good Idea?
Well, if you really feel that strongly about it…

“History shows that the US Government lies all the time to trick Americans into wars. The claim that Iraq had nuclear weapons was not an isolated case, but business as usual.

The US government lies about everything, and uses every trick they can (including obedient presstitutes and whorespondants in the corporate media to prop up failed lies and ridicule those who think for themselves) to trick the nation into war after war after war.”

Michael Rivero


However, sometimes government publications do publish the truth?
Here’s a study published at the National Library of Medicine…

The pharmaceutical industry is dangerous to health.
Further proof with COVID-19

PMCID: PMC9610448 | PMID: 36324959

“Since the beginning of COVID-19, we can list the following methods of information manipulation which have been used:

falsified clinical trials and inaccessible data;

fake or conflict-of-interest studies;

concealment of vaccines’ short-term side effects and total lack of knowledge of the long-term effects of COVID-19 vaccination;

doubtful composition of vaccines;

inadequate testing methods;

governments and international organizations under conflicts of interest;

bribed physicians;

the denigration of renowned scientists;

the banning of all alternative effective treatments;

unscientific and liberticidal social methods;

government use of behavior modification and social engineering techniques to impose confinements, masks, and vaccine acceptance;

scientific censorship by the media.”

Fabien Deruelle, PhD
Independent Researcher, Ronchin, France

PubMed Central

Mind Control
Montreality @ Facebook

Conspiracy Theory Rock
A Banned Segment from Saturday Night Live

See James Corbett’s Censored TedX Talk! (2014)

“By 1983, just 50 companies controlled 90% of the media that American’s read, saw, or heard on a daily basis. By 2014, that number has shrunk to just 5 corporations…

So, there I was in rural Japan looking at what I could read in the newspaper and what I could find online. And, I was outraged. Chances are, you’re outraged too. Poll after poll in recent years have shown trust in television and newspaper dropping as internet usage increases. People are discovering what they don’t know

What do we do about this?
We use the internet to supplant the media

The internet is the most revolutionary technology since the Gutenberg printing press. Just as Gutenberg made it possible for millions of people to receive a message, now the internet is making it possible for everyone to send their messages…

This means that for the first time in human history, the average person has just as much of a voice as the wealthiest members of our society…

There’s no corporate suit in an office somewhere that’s going to tell us anymore what we do or don’t need to know.”

James Corbett

The Corbett Report

Are 6 media companies running hundreds and hundreds of subsidiaries? Is this part of the monopolization of everything? (media chart @11:50)

Owned by Texas Media Group Nexstar


Nexstar Now Controls San Diego’s KUSI
News Director Steve Cohen Is Out

Texas Media Group Nexstar Adds KUSI to San Diego Holdings for $35 Million

“The transaction, which is subject to regulatory and other approvals, is expected to close later this year. Nexstar is America’s largest local broadcasting group with 200 owned or partner stations in 116 markets reaching 212 million people.”

Chris Jennewein


Will that be the end of the independent broadcasting voice of KUSI? Will they be absorbed into the mass echo system of group think?

Owned by hedge fund Alden Global Capital?