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A record store where audiophiles go to find that lost LP.
CDs and tapes. Metal, rock, punk and soul.
Buy/trade vinyl, CDs, video games (all systems) and turntables.
216 E. Broadway

The Film Hub                                 video
Are you looking for a furnished office or maybe just a desk in an office?
Coworking space monthly rates

Production space | Event space
Audio & Video Soundstages | Prefab Set Rentals
Podcast studio rentals

170 Eucalyptus Ave. — near Pepper Tree Frosty

“Lauren has been working as a video production manager and set designer for the last 10 years. Incorporating her knowledge, we designed every corner of the building to be a ‘shooting location.’ The result is a content creator’s paradise…

We have been in the video production industry for over 30 years and have produced everything from industrial videos to full length feature films… Because of our background, we were able to design everything a producer would ever want.”

Jim Ellis
President & Executive Director
Inspired Images Studios

Picture This
The Film Hub Coworking Space
Makes its Debut in Vista

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