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Vista Parks Master Plan Workshop
Draws Large Crowd to Design Session
The Vista Press

You’re Invited to Help Plan Two Future City of Vista Parks!
Community Engagement — City of Vista

Dozens of new shelter beds open in North County
as leaders look to clear sidewalks

Vista facility will also aid Encinitas
in a region that’s long needed more spots
for a growing homeless population

The San Diego Union-Tribune

Mayor Franklin’s 2023 State of the City
City of Vista

The State of the Community in Vista
Is Vibrant & Transforming

Vista’s annual State of the Community Luncheon
The Vista Press

Vista calls on residents to join
General Plan workshops
North County Pipeline

This report by RICK Planning & Design shows community feedback from the last set of workshops held in March 2023. Did Vista residents mostly say that they wanted family friendly spaces?

Vista General Plan Update 2050
Workshop Series #1 Establishing The Vision
15 Minute Cities
Affordable Housing

Between January 2020 and January 2023
did the population of California
decrease by 709,000
while the number of housing units
increased by 378,000?

If the population is shrinking and there is more housing available… why aren’t home prices going down?

Are large corporations buying up homes and bidding up prices? Are they outbidding potential residents? Does that explain the increase in home prices? So, will building more homes actually even make a dent in home prices?

Did the Federal Reserve give rich entities low interest money? Was this money used to buy up assets like homes? Can the average would-be homeowner compete in that kind of a rigged market?

Yes, BlackRock’s Home-Buying Spree
Should Concern You

Is SANDAG requiring the City of Vista to add 4,465 housing units by 2040? (see APPENDIX A of the RICK report)

Where is this need for housing expected to come from? Isn’t fertility declining? Why do we have to build all these new homes? And give up our rural spaces? Or congest our prime Main Street area with traffic and parking? Who voted for that?

Sperm counts worldwide have plunged 62%
in under 50 years, Israeli-led study finds

Yet Another Study Links Lower Sperm Count with Pesticides

Birth rates drop in California, San Diego
over the last decade


Demographic WINTER

Are 15 Minute Cities Smart?
by Thomas Buckley, former mayor of Lake Elsinore
“The Point” Substack

Embedded in this article are two “smart city” videos by “Answers with Joe”. Joe discusses futuristic cities that appear to be pretty cool. However…

Will these areas be transformed from areas with free thinking owners… to controlled renters?

Will most “smart city” occupants be renting and not owning? Will the current inhabitants owning property there get displaced?

Who do you suppose actually owns many of the large apartment buildings that they’re building? Could it be institutional investors like BlackRock, Vanguard, State Street? Is this a real life version of Monopoly?

What can “company towns” from the past teach us? Did “company towns” discourage independent thinking and living? Were they predatory and debt enslaving? In these new “smart cities”, will there be top-down planning, surveillance, and control of private life?

Are cities getting mandated into demolishing existing businesses and homes so they can be replaced with easily controlled and surveilled 15-minute cities?

Central Vista Business Improvement District
Members Held Meeting About

Fund Allocation Process
North County Daily Star

Central Vista Business Improvement District (CVBID)
CVBID Meetings and Agendas

Vista’s Pala Vista Park Celebrates Grand Opening
Ribbon Cutting
North County Daily Star

Vista’s New Community Development Director
City of Vista

Vista OKs
183-unit Kensho residential project off Guajome Street
The Coast News

Public Input Needed
Street Lighting Assessment
City of Vista

Smart Streetlights Still Under Scrutiny

Operation Hope North County
revitalized with renovation and art

Vista approves land purchase for
future park near Vale View

The Coast News

Vista approves 34-unit residential project on Melrose Drive
The Coast News

In April, did Vista City Council consider a proposal to hold cannabis-related special events in city parks and/or on private property? Was this decision postponed so that an equity assessment could first be done?

Vista Cannabis Equity Assessment
Survey Now Open

‘A farce of social equity’
California is failing its Black cannabis businesses

A beachside city became California’s legal cannabis capital.
Not everyone is stoked

Vista approves contract
for homeless Safe Parking Program

“Vista received a $65,000 grant from the San Diego County Health and Human Services Agency, Department of Homeless Solutions and Equitable Communities for capital improvements related to the Safe Parking Program.”

Steve Puterski

The Coast News

Related news: homeless services
Operation Hope

Vista Mayor John Franklin State of the City
and More
North County Daily Star

Vista planners to hear proposals for church demolition, apartments

“New Community Church has occupied the site since at least the late 2000s. The property was put up for sale in 2021.”

OsideNews, North Coast Current

Is this church in Vista Village moving to that Walgreen’s building corner of Civic Center and Santa Fe that’s been vacant for ages? Is Union Bank becoming U.S. Bank in May 2023… and then closing down its location next to that Walgreens? There’s a US Bank near Staples in Vista Village… and a US Bank ATM machine inside Albertsons.

County of San Diego

Cool Zones
The County of San Diego’s Cool Zone program is running through October 31, 2023.

McClellan Senior Center
Vista Library

City of Vista

San Diego County getting more firefighting aircraft
for wildfire season
The Coast News Group

SANDAG looking for public feedback
on unpopular mileage tax proposal

Supervisor Desmond to Speak at
Human Trafficking Awareness Event & Walk
January 27th
The Vista Press


WEF and their ‘Young Global Leaders’ program
Who’s on the list?

The WEF’s tentacles reach far and wide, positioning their grip on many industries, media and governments through their Young Global Leaders program.

Although they do not publicly advertise all of their young leaders, here’s some notable examples of past nominees.

2005: Gavin Newsom

Informed Choice Australia

All the Young Global Leaders from 1993 until 2021
Plebeian Resistance

Newsom is on the above list.

Latest Media Literacy ‘Fake News’ Bill Passes Assembly Unanimously
Who judges what is ‘misinformation’?
California Globe

6/24/2023                 AB-873         LegiScan
Does the California Assembly want our children to be taught to trust government and big media sources of information? Can government and mainstream news really be trusted to tell the truth? Can even prominent scientists and educational institutions sometimes be corrupted by grants and other monetary considerations?

should our students be taught to…

Is California Listing Toward Failed State Status?

“Proposition 47, passed by misinformed voters in 2014, and flagrantly titled ‘The Safe Neighborhoods and Schools Act’ by then-California Attorney General Kamala Harris.

Prop. 47 reduced a host of felonies to misdemeanors, including drug crimes, date rape, and all thefts under $950, even for repeat offenders who steal every day.”
(emphasis added)

Katy Grimes

California Globe

Since the above article hammers Newsom… here’s equal time to the other side of the political aisle…
donald j. trump – the story no one wants to tell

The Greenberg Brief
Whittling Away At The Soros Scourge
Every rogue DA tossed from office is a victory

The Case Against the Physician Gag Order

It’s all on record.
The misinformation is coming from them!

The above quick video shows leading health officials… in their own words… speaking misinformation to us.

Now the medical industry wants the force of law in #AB2098 to keep honest doctors from speaking out when there are questions about “the science”?



Ayes in California Assembly
Wicks, Low, Akilah Weber, Aguiar-Curry

Alvarez, Arambula, Bauer-Kahan, Bennett, Berman, Bloom, Boerner Horvath, Mia Bonta, Bryan, Calderon, Carrillo, Cervantes, Cooper, Daly, Mike Fong, Friedman, Gabriel, Cristina Garcia, Eduardo Garcia, Gipson, Gray, Haney, Holden, Jones-Sawyer, Kalra, Lee, Levine, Maienschein, McCarty, McKinnor, Medina, Mullin, Muratsuchi, Nazarian, Petrie-Norris, Quirk, Quirk-Silva, Ramos, Reyes, Luz Rivas, Robert Rivas, Rodriguez, Blanca Rubio, Salas, Santiago, Stone, Ting, Villapudua, Ward, Wilson, Wood, Rendon

Ayes in California Senate
Pan, Wiener, Newman

Allen, Archuleta, Atkins, Becker, Bradford, Caballero, Cortese, Dodd, Durazo, Eggman, Glazer, Gonzalez, Hertzberg, Hueso, Hurtado, Kamlager, Laird, Leyva, Limón, McGuire, Min, Ochoa Bogh, Portantino, Roth, Rubio, Skinner, Stern, Umberg, Wieckowski

Approved by the Governor 9/30/2022

California Legislative Information

Dr. Scott Atlas
The Biden Administration continues to
appoint people who were wrong on COVID-19

Were some government officials the chief purveyors of disinformation and misinformation during the pandemic? But, California’s medical gag law doesn’t target these disinformation spreaders, does it? Does it actually target independent doctors who tell the truth… and say things that don’t conform to media narratives?


When there are no consequences for government lying or incompetence… will it just happen over and over and over again?

mistakes were made
assessing what “leaders” claim to have “learned”
and what they should have known all along


“Trump loaded the gun and
Biden pulled the trigger.”

James Evan Pilato
New World Next Week



Mexico’s Two Presidential Candidates
SOROS Installed

‘It’s interference. It’s interventionism. It’s promoting coup-plotters.”

Mexican President Obrador
Formal protest with the US embassy
accusing the US of interference


Is the populist Obrador about to be replaced with SOROS puppets via rigged elections? Does that mean the end of Mexican push-back on GMO food?

The Real Reasons for AMLO’s Popularity
Americas Quarterly

If legal, could the Mexican President win re-election??


The Flour Massacre Setup
False Flag Attempt Exposed
The Last American Vagabond

Verified CIA Document Reveals
Zionists Willing To “Sacrifice The Jews”
In Arab Nations For Agenda
The Last American Vagabond

Is Judaism not the same as Zionism? Judaism is a religion while Zionism is political? Did Israeli tanks kill Israeli hostages as part of a Hannibal directive ordered by Israeli military brass?

October 7 testimonies reveal
Israel’s military ‘shelling’ Israeli citizens
with tanks, missiles


Is Israel’s Hannibal Directive a military plan to prevent kidnappings by killing both captors and captives? Were some particularly jarring photos actually photos of Hamas and their captives… killed by Israeli hellfire missiles?

Israhell and the Hannibal Directive
Evidence Shows Israel Killed Own Citizens On The 7th
53 UN Staff, Journalists Deliberately Killed

South Africa’s Case Against Israeli Genocide In Gaza
Is Historic And Humanitarian
The Last American Vagabond

“[The fact that the border was breached in 15 places] is completely ridiculous because normally with one breach of the fence, the whole army is triggered and things start moving immediately. Things start moving immediately and here there was nothing for hours.”

Efrat Fenigson (@efenigson)
Independent Journalist
Podcaster, Israeli Citizen
Served in Israel’s intelligence forces

Wide Awake Media on X

More of this interview at…
DarkHorse Podcast with Bret Weinstein

Is this Israel’s 9/11 or Pearl Harbor? But what happened in each of those situations? In each event, was there a stand down of the military engineered by those with political power and for political reasons? Whenever a stand DOWN is happening… it may be a good time to be asking ourselves if something nefarious is UP.

Was 9/11 made to happen by certain criminal elements of the US government? On 9/11, was the chain of command AWOL?

Pearl Harbor
Were we well aware of what was going on with the Japanese… because we broke their codes? Did Roosevelt fail to warn local commanders in Hawaii of an imminent attack? Was the attack on Pearl Harbor the excuse FDR wanted to get the USA into World War II? Did Roosevelt do everything he could to get Japan to attack us?

Israel was aware that Hamas was planning something? Did Egypt warn Israel repeatedly that “something big” was being planned from Gaza? Was there subsequently no military response for hours to the 15 border breaches by Hamas?

Earlier this year, were Israeli plans made to retake Gaza? Was the plan to clear out Gaza to make way for Israeli settlers?
“In March, 2023 Israeli parliament passed a law paving the way to conquer the Gaza Strip and re-establish settlements.”
Dan Cohen @dancohen3000

Are north Gaza residents being required to move to south Gaza? Are even hospitals in north Gaza being required to evacuate by the Israeli military?

Are oil and natural gas resources in Palestine worth hundreds of billions of dollars?

Was Hamas created and funded by the US and Israel? Has Hamas been supported by various governments led by Benjamin Netanyahu that undermined the Palestinian Authority and propped up the Hamas terror group?

Does Israel constantly surveil and control the residents of Palestine? Are Palestinians allowed to be self governing?

“Gaza is the world’s largest open air prison, with 2 million people being held in captivity, essentially… and utterly controlled from outside.

Then what they are doing is not deciding on some sort of government in some free and fair election for their nation state. At best, they’re getting a suggestion box for prison warden.”

James Corbett @45:59
The Last American Vagabond

Great source links are listed below this informative video interview. More show notes here.

9/11, Israel & the Mossad Investigated
with Christopher Bollyn

If the CIA and Mossad created Hamas
who created the CIA and Mossad?

Is Israel bombing the civilian population of Gaza? Are children 50% of the population? Are people not being allowed to escape from Palestine? Is Israel bombing areas of Southern Gaza where it told Palestinians to flee? Has Israel used white phosphorus in Gaza? Are people from other nations.. including the USA… also trapped in Gaza? Do these people need electricity, clean water, food, fuel? Is this not being allowed in?

50+ Israeli Soldier’s Expose the Truth

Killed In Gaza By Israeli Bombing
140 Kids, 11 UN Staff, 30 UN School Pupils
& 4 Israeli Hostages

“the concert… there’s all sorts of weird discrepancies about what happened there… Two or three first people who were shown all turned out to be lies.

  • The woman on the bike is an IDF member.
  • The woman who they claim is killed turns out she’s in the hospital according to her mother…
  • The story about the babies… that turned out to be a false story.

So, it’s pretty clear that we have a reason to go… Wait a minute. Maybe there’s something else going on here.”

Ryan Cristián @1:35:36
The Last American Vagabond

Jackson Hinkle on X

Media, Israel Walk Back Claims that Hamas Beheaded Babies
Flashback: Babies on Bayonets

The Israel-Hamas War is ALREADY Pushing the Great Reset Agenda

The Great Reset agenda includes censorship, surveillance, no bodily autonomy, digital ID, carbon credits, programmable digital currency, centralized control, high energy prices, easily controlled & surveilled 15-minute city prisons, and unnatural food.

Were most governments in on the COVID scam? They were united. Citizens were divided and distracted. Is divide-and-distract their way of sneaking in the Great Reset?

While you were watching Israel…
Just like Ukraine,
the latest war is perfect camouflage for the Great Reset

Israel-Hamas “war”
another excuse to shut down free speech

Supremacism inevitably leads to crime

Israel Knew Hamas’s Attack Plan Over a Year Ago

The Good Citizen

Zionist Agents Drove Mass Jewish Exodus From Arab Countries,
According To Israeli Historian

“In a recently published memoir, written by Israeli-British historian, Avi Shlaim, new evidence was published on a series of false-flag attacks that were carried out by Zionists who were working on behalf of the Mossad in 1950-51. The information presented adds to the evidence that counters one of Tel Aviv’s top propaganda points, which it uses to justify the murder and mass expulsion of Palestinian civilians in 1948.”

Robert Inlakesh

The Last American Vagabond

Daily Wrap Up @1:45:45

“We will expel the Arabs and take their place.
In each attack, a decisive blow should be struck
resulting in the destruction of homes
and the expulsion of the population.”

David Ben-Gurion
Zionist and first Prime Minister of Israel
A World Where Genocide of Civilians
Is Not Only Accepted
But Cheered

$$$ to Israel

Is Iran next?
Is Iran a potential target because of big oil reserves there?
Is Iran one of only three countries left in the world without a Rothschild central bank?

The Real Reason For The Gaza Conflict

Widening the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict:
Yellow Journalism Stoking Potential War on Iran

NYT: US Intelligence Shows
Iranian Leaders Were Surprised by Hamas Attack

The Real Conflict is Not Between Israel and Palestine

This next article is one example of how repressive a surveilled “smart city” can be. Does San Diego really want to move in that direction?

Israel/OPT: Israeli authorities are using facial recognition technology to entrench apartheid

The reality is streets full of surveillance cameras, which are mounted on the sides of buildings, lampposts, surveillance towers and rooftops…

as one resident, Neda, explained: ‘I’m being watched the whole time… it gives me a really bad feeling everywhere in the street. Every time I see a camera, I feel anxious. Like you are always being treated as if you are a target.’ “

Amnesty International

50+ Israeli Soldier’s Expose the Truth

Chris Hedges
Israel is Shutting Down its Human Laboratory in Gaza

You Need Only Read One Article About
The Liberty
James Perloff’s

It Solves The Entire “Mystery,”
And It Reveals A Blueprint For How and Why
Nothing “Makes Sense”
When It Comes To US-Israeli Relations

The Truth Barrier

Remember the Liberty

Mostly Controlling The Words

The Truth of Why
LBJ Wanted the USS Liberty to Sink
Getting Israel to Help Ensure His Reelection
A Thumbnail Version

During the Cuban Missile Crisis, JFK was surrounded by military war-hawks. Instead of going to war, JFK and Khrushchev agreed to do a deal where the USA removed their missiles from Turkey in exchange for Russia withdrawing missiles from Cuba. And, JFK promised that the USA would not invade Cuba.