EDCO Recycling Guide

City of Vista

Cans, plastic, paper, cartons, cardboard, and glass
Large sheets of packing foam

“Recycle virtually all clean and dry paper” — EDCO

Pizza boxes aren’t clean and dry paper.  So,  apparently EDCO doesn’t want pizza boxes in the recycles bin.

Foam nuggets, styrofoam peanuts

Plastic bags… The grocery stores around here aren’t taking them any more for recycling. Even bags that hold other recycled items are not wanted in the recycle bins.

Hazardous Waste

City of Vista Hazardous Waste Site   Free to Vista residents… limited hours   1-877-R-1-EARTH   motor oil containers & filters, auto fluids, cleaners, fertilizers, batteries, fluorescent bulbs, chemicals, paints and solvents, electronics

E-Waste   computers, televisions, VCRs, etc. Goodwill takes donations of  electronic items Maximum Recycling   430 Olive Ave. in Vista

PaintCare   There are over 50 locations in San Diego County where residents and businesses can take old unwanted paint, stain, and varnish all year-round.   Most PaintCare sites are paint stores with regular business hours and accept at least 5 gallons per visit.

For tips on using up leftover paint call (855) 724-6809.

Household items

Amvets 877-990-8387 DAV Oceanside