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Smokin’ hot interview of James Roguski by James Corbett.

Is the WHO attempting to grab money from the world via fraudulent votes at its meetings? What can we do to take back our health freedom?

The REAL Solution to the UN Madness

“In 2005, America agreed to the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) only to the extent it would not affect state sovereignty… The amendments and the treaty would threaten state sovereignty.”

Executive Director and Policy Analyst

Have global organizations like the World Health Organization spent years setting up control over us? Would the WHO’s proposed amendments to the International Health Regulations and Pandemic Zero Draft provide the organization with
unparalleled authoritarian powers

Some politicians are now speaking up for withdrawal from the WHO. That is encouraging. But, withdrawal from the WHO is likely to happen only if enough citizens join the parade and energetically advocate for it.

“Nothing happens in the United States
unless large amounts of people
jump up and down, scream and yell,
and say this is what we want to have happen.”

James Roguski
Exit The Who

“It’s important to realize that unless we can somehow prevent the WHO from acquiring this power, it will be able to dictate things like mandatory vaccinations and health passports moving forward, and its dictates would supersede all national and state laws.

We simply cannot let this happen.

Dr. Joseph Mercola

Massive Conflicts of Interest
at the National Institutes of Health (NIH)

Global Research

The original source of this article is Mercola
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If the WHO gets its treaty or IHR agreement “passed” this May, will there will be top down international censorship like we’ve never seen before? Plus totalitarian control? With “emergencies” be kicked off BY ONE INDIVIDUAL? Yes, does the head of the WHO get to call an emergency based on whatever? And then will we all have to comply with whatever money making schemes and dangerous totalitarian stuff they come up with?

Sovereignty Coalition

Meryl’s COVID Newsletter

“The House cut out all funding for the WHO for FY2024 and required the Senate to ratify the Pandemic Treaty.

Now the bill (Foreign Operations) is being revised by leaders in both houses as a final version is crafted and the bill is due to be voted on March 22. It is especially important to contact the leaders in Congress and tell them to retain these 2 items in a very long bill.”

Meryl Nass

More info about the WHO power grab and other possible solutions around the world.

James Corbett on
the WHO’s Anti-Human Agenda

“Most of the people who were on the advisory board of the World Health Organization Advisory Council… that advised them to declare this public health emergency of international concern for the swine flu… most of them had ties to the very pharmaceutical manufacturers who then directly benefited from that declaration by getting all of the contracts for the vaccines… I saw this was a swindle that was happening over and over.

And, I also saw the laying of the model health state emergency powers act which had been… formulated in the wake of the Anthrax attacks, and then passed in individual states all around the US. The majority of states now have passed some version of that legislation, that literally allows governors to become essentially medical martial law dictators.”

James Corbett @2:45

The Corbett Report via NewAmerican

Exit The WHO

No Taxpayer Funding for the WHO.
Say no to the WHO global health grab.

The President is
not protecting
America from
the WHO, and
Congress needs
to act now!”

National and Federal Action Alerts

“In 2005, America agreed to the WHO International Health Regulations (IHR) only to the extent it would not affect state sovereignty… The amendments and the treaty would threaten state sovereignty

Executive Director and Policy Analyst

How You Can Take a Stand Against
International Health Regulation Amendments

World Council for Health

Polio Vaccine Causing Polio Outbreaks in Africa
WHO Admits

the Defender

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Vol.4 No.10, October 2017
HCG Found in WHO Tetanus Vaccine in Kenya
Raises Concern in the Developing World
Scientific Research
An Academic Publisher

Were these anti-tetanus shots actually birth control?

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Gaslighting from the WHO

On November 23, 2021, the WHO did a Facebook post claiming the vaccines side-effects are mild. You’d never guess that from the 45,000 comments they received–all negative.

Steve Kirsch’s newsletter

WHO and the PCR Test

The whole pandemic script
from the ‘contagion curve’
to the ‘Covid deaths’ –
rests on the PCR test,
which was authorised for the detection of SARS-CoV-2
by a study produced in record time
on commission from the WHO

As many will know by now,
the diagnostic unreliability of the PCR test
was denounced by its inventor himself,
Nobel laureate Kary Mullis…”

Fabio Vighi
Professor of Critical Theory and Italian
Cardiff University, UK
The Philosophical Salon

WHO (finally) admits PCR tests create false positives.
Why now?

Positive test numbers are being manipulated down by adjusting cycles down in PCR tests.

Why now? Vaccines are here! Do they want the case numbers to go down… to make it look like the vaccines are working?

“Anyone can test positive for practically anything
with a PCR test, if you run it long enough.
With PCR if you do it well,
you can find almost anything in anybody.
It doesn’t tell you that you’re sick.”

Dr. Kary Mullis, PhD
creator of the PCR test

Algora Blog
Why You Should Refuse Your Employer’s
Regular PCR Nasal Swabs

Related video featuring the PCR test

Lockdown Instigators
Do Not Deserve
the Benefit of the Doubt

The damage that lockdowns would cause was far too well known, far too uneven, and far too catastrophic to assume their chief instigators must have had good intentions.

“…the lockdowns caused the public to believe that the virus was hundreds of times deadlier than it really was. Simultaneously, the World Health Organization issued global PCR testing guidance…”

Michael Senger

The New Normal

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