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Reports of possible explosions in Vista neighborhood under investigation

9/24/23 12:18 am
10/4/2310:35 pm
10/6/239:32 pm
10/7/2310:11 pm 11:11 pm
10/8/237:50 pm
10/9/238:24 pm
10/11/237:01 pm
10/13/2312:56 am
10/14/2311:20 pm
10/31/239:46 pm 11:54 pm
11/3/231:18 am 11:29 pm
11/4/2312:52 am
11/8/238:04 pm
11/11/238:53 pm 9:28 pm
11/12/237:40 pm
11/17/237:53 pm
11/19/2312:13 am
11/24/2310:54 pm
11/25/234:57 pm
12/6/236:56 pm
12/9/2311:24 pm
12/13/236:13 pm
12/14/239:07 pm
12/15/238:41 pm
12/16/231:07 am
12/24/236:39 pm 11:19 pm
12/25/2312:03 am
12/26/2311:05 pm
12/30/237:09 pm 8:49 pm

When I was in high school, my next door neighbor… a few years younger than me… got his parents to approve him making bombs out in the shed in their back yard. Randy would set off at least one bomb most afternoons. This completely freaked out our dogs. And, of course, there was the noise of it. So, did Randy’s parents care about Randy annoying the neighborhood with his bombs? Apparently not.

One afternoon, there was a particularly loud sound from one of Randy’s bombs. After that there was yelling and stuff. So, I called the fire department. Something was clearly wrong. The dad living on the other side of my house went over to help.

Randy got injured by that bomb. He died the next day.

At the funeral, my dad couldn’t bring himself to try to comfort his parents. He was so mad at them for allowing this to go on. But, the rest of our family did try to comfort them. Randy’s parents said it was God’s will that he died. Really?

Their family moved away not long after. After all, the whole neighborhood probably pretty much blamed his parents for allowing a teenager to set off bombs on a daily basis. It would be hard to continue living in a home after losing your son like that. Every day would be a reminder of it.

San Diego County getting more firefighting aircraft
for wildfire season
The Coast News Group

“Everyone needs to remember that ALL fireworks are illegal in San Diego County, and for good reason. Considering the dry grass and brush in and around Escondido, anyone thinking about buying and using illegal fireworks needs to understand that negligently causing a fire can result in criminal and financial consequences.” (emphasis added)

Rick Vogt, Escondido Fire Chief
North County Daily Star

City of Vista News

“With the prediction of high temperatures comes warnings about high fire danger. Power tools, including lawnmowers, are not recommended in hot weather to avoid sparks that ignite grass and brush fires.

Maintain defensible fire space around homes by removing dead leaves, debris, and other flammable items that an ember can ignite.

If you do choose to cut away and remove dead and dying plants near your homes or structures, use hand tools only.

Be particularly careful with smoking materials to avoid accidentally starting a fire.

Never pull your vehicle over in the grass; it can ignite a fire. Please ensure your vehicle is well maintained, as faulty catalytic converters have been a major cause of accidental fires in San Diego County.

If you have a trailer on your vehicle, ensure the chains don’t drag on the ground while driving and spark a fire.”

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