Link Taxes

Internet Freedom

Assembly Passes Bill to
Tax News Links on Facebook and Google
to Support Local Newspapers

“We support a thriving news media, but cannot support a link tax. Taxes on sending internet traffic from one site to another is not a sustainable business model for any party involved, and sets a dangerous precedent for governments and carriers to impose fees on users navigating the open internet.”
(emphasis added)

Matt Schruers, President
Computer & Communications Industry Association


Opinion: A Bill to Prop Up Legacy Media in California Is
Bad News for Journalism

Facebook to Remove News Content in California
if Lawmakers Require Paying Publishers

A California Bill Would
Break the Open Internet
& Harm Local News

“This would directly threaten
the free and open exchange of information online,
creating economic incentives
that would distort the market
and give more power to media gatekeepers.”

Florín Nájera-Uresti , Mike Rispoli
Free Press

Free Press was a valiant warrior
fighting for net neutrality some years back.

When AB-886 is considered
in the California Senate in 2024,
Free Press may have an action page.

The Bizarre Reaction To Facebook’s Decision To Get Out Of The News Business In Australia

“This fight was not ‘Facebook v. Australia.’ Or ‘Facebook v. journalism’ even though some ignorant or dishonest people are making it out to be the case. This was always ‘Rupert Murdoch v. the open web.’ We may not like Facebook in the role of the defender of the open web (and it’s far from the best representative for the open web). But Facebook saying that it won’t pay a link tax is a defense of the open web…”
(emphasis added)

Mike Masnick

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