This Is Not Just About the Border…
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Don’t Worry!
The Border Problem is About to be Solved!
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Understanding The Left on Immigration

The hardest part about communicating on immigration is understanding “open borders” proponents.
Let’s give it a try.

Against the Grain via The Point

Is this problem / reaction / solution?

Has the United Nations paid immigrants to come to the USA? Have masses been herded into the USA by planners with an agenda? …like the Soros group?

They provide the problem by flooding our border with immigrants? Then they want us begging them for their solution of locked down borders and controlled movement for EVERYONE via digital ID?

Their Great Reset solution is a digital control grid prison? And they want us to beg them for it?

The Great Reset is partly about control over us. Are they planning to build digital walls to keep us from leaving the country? Or maybe even to keep us from leaving our 15-minute cities? Are most of our past presidents in on this? Trump AND Obama?

Will border “problems” result in a “solution” of locked down borders for EVERYONE, digital ID and surveillance for EVERYONE, UBI, CBDC digital money… and vax passports… to check that we’ve gotten their latest experimental injections?

Are we gonna fall for them clamping down on our freedom like this?

Universal Basic Income
UBI is just enough money to get by.
Disobey or speak out against media narratives and your UBI gets turned off.

Centralized programmable money = CBDCs
CBDCs can be turned off, expire, or be used to control what and where you can buy. If they want you to stay in your 15-minute city… then CBDC money can be programmed to not be available to you outside a certain area. CBDC can be programmed to disallow your purchase of certain items. CBDC money can be programmed with an expiration date to make you spend it or lose it. If you engage in wrongthink… your CBDC money can be turned off.

Decentralized money = Financial freedom
crypto, precious metals, cash, and community currency

Florida to Ban CBDC’s as Money

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Have Western countries been particularly hard hit by this?

Migrant detentions at US-Mexico border hit record highs
as Title 42 ends

“U.S. border cities have struggled to shelter the new arrivals and provide transportation to other destinations. Far from the border, other cities say they are also struggling to cope, such as New York, where Mayor Eric Adams temporarily loosened right-to-shelter rules because of strained resources.”

Liliana Salgado and Ted Hesson

Migrants to be housed in 6 more NYC school gyms
outraged parents say plan is ‘just insane’

There’s a lot of empty office space in New York City. A lot of mom-and-pop businesses closed down permanently during the lockdowns and masking. Could they use some of that empty office space to shelter the homeless?

Are border policies part of the plan? Is California being infused with cheap abundant labor prior to an upcoming presidential election that may be featuring Newsom? If that is the plan, will it backfire? The buzz is that plenty of our new arrivals are heading to red states because it’s cheaper to live there. Is the plan to send a million or two in a flood so social services there just can’t cope? Is this a political game to them?

Wake Up, Oceanside!

“The County of San Diego has decided to fund a welcoming center for asylum seekers in San Diego. As a result, our Oceanside transit center operation has shut down as of Friday, October 13. It was a month long project and we helped a lot of people.”

“By 9/20, more than 3000 asylum seekers have been dropped off by Border Patrol all over the county starting Wednesday 9/13. (350 in Oceanside.)”

Chuck Lowery
Former Councilmember City of Oceanside

A look at the city’s ‘right-to-shelter’ law amid influx of migrants

“On Wednesday, city officials say that more than 67,000 migrants have arrived with more than 47,000 still in the city’s care.” — Kelly Mena – New York City

“Administration officials have attempted to use school gyms, a former police academy and tents to house migrants and now are even considering a complex on Rikers Island.”

Beth Haroules, staff attorney
New York Civil Liberties Union

Spectrum News

NYC Is Housing More Illegal Migrants
Than Homeless People

Statue Of Liberty Now Holding Sign Pointing To New Jersey

Mayor Adams Seen Quietly Scratching Inscription Off
Statue Of Liberty’s Plaque

Were Libertarians Wrong About Immigration?
Derrick Broze talks with Jeffrey Tucker

NYC launches $53M program to hand out
pre-paid credit cards to migrant families

Mayor Todd Gloria’s homeless shelter strategy
is mostly unfunded.
Here’s what it could cost

“Ultimately, the city will count on donations from private, corporate and philanthropic groups.”

Sarah Jarman
top City of San Diego official
dedicated to homelessness solutions


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