The Global Uprising Against CBDCs Has Begun!

“People DO NOT WANT programmable money and the vast majority see it for what it is: another trick on the part of the establishment to take more power and control away from every day people and put it in the hands of the banksters and their cronies.

That’s why this is the time to seize the momentum of public opinion and steer it into actual productive activity. We can encourage Cash Friday awareness. We can build up local trading communities based on alternative and complementary currencies. We can introduce those around us to Agorist.Market. We can promote community currencies and precious metals and decentralized cryptos and barter circles and the million other forms of survival currency that clued-in Corbetteers have been researching for years.

James Corbett

The Corbett Report

Decentralized money = Financial freedom
crypto, precious metals, cash, and community currency

Centralized programmable money = CBDCs
CBDCs can be turned off, expire, or be used to control what and where you can buy. If they want you to stay in your 15-minute city… then CBDC money can be programmed to not be available to you outside a certain area. CBDC can be programmed to disallow your purchase of certain items. CBDC money can be programmed with an expiration date to make you spend it or lose it. If you engage in wrongthink… your CBDC money can be turned off.

Florida to Ban CBDC’s as Money

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SDG&E Seeks Major Reform of Residential Electric Rates
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How does SDG&E expect to audit customer income? Can SDG&E access your tax return without a court order? Are utilities in California already selling private energy usage data to third party corporations? If they have our financial data, will that be up for sale?

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Is current bank “contagion” an engineered phenomena?

Party Like It’s 1907

Florida to Ban CBDC’s as Money