Affordable Housing

Huntington Beach Sued While
Marin County Exempted from Affordable Housing Requirements
Did Govs Brown and Newsom play favorites over affordable housing laws?

“While Gov. Gavin Newsom has sued the Orange County city of Huntington Beach for failing to provide enough additional ‘affordable housing,’ his own home county of Marin is enjoying a moratorium on affordable housing building requirements until 2028.”

Katy Grimes
Editor of the California Globe

California Globe

Huntington Beach’s Lawsuit Challenges Newsom’s Housing Mandates

“…over 95 percent of California is undeveloped and unoccupied. Why would state regulators go to war with some cities over home construction but not others? Why would the state impose housing higher densities on cities at all — given that so much of the state is unoccupied?”

Will Swaim
President of the California Policy Center
cohost of National Review’s “Radio Free California Podcast”

The Conejo Guardian
Independent Community News